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Organizations have come to rely on a combination of outlets to distribute partner resources which have become ineffective, diluted and fragmented.

Partners are subjected to more marketing communication than ever and are steadily becoming resistant to efforts that once worked.

With that, email is becoming less effective and, just like your physical mail box, devolving into a receptacle for information that is neither timely nor relevant.

Unfortunately, given limited paths of communication to your partner network, there has yet to be a solution that beats the effectiveness of traditional email.

Influents answers this with a solution that is simple, active, automated and cohesive.



The first communication platform to increase Net Visibility by leveraging your existing content

Our Approach

Influents consolidates your content strategy to convert your fragmented, passive communication into an active cohesive message that fully enables your partners in the field.

With Influents, your message is clearer and able to reliably produce tangible results throughout your marketing organization.

How we do It

Activate Partners

Influents brings average and underperforming partners back into the fold by broadcasting previously distributed content through a new uncluttered channel. New and old content now cuts through the noise and builds opportunities to resurrect the conversation with this once lost segment.

Build Brand Advocates

Increased communication fosters confidence which inspires action throughout your partner network. Develop your partners to become Subject Matter Experts in the brand they now know best.

Own the conversation

Take back the reigns and occupy your partners mindshare with technology proven to cut through the noise. fluentcast—our messaging technology— lets you leap past the competition by making your message the loudest and clearest.

Demonstrable ROI

Attaching context sensitive actions brings the conversion closer to the customer. With Influents you’ll easily measure and improve the value of your messaging by embedding goal actions directly into the messaging.

Recent Influents Streams

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Content amplification with Influents and WordPress

5 Minutes In this episode of Influents Streams, we explore how to get the most out of your current invest in one our favorite content providers -- wordpress. We'll use one of our integrations to seamlessly pick content out of WordPress and feed it to our partner network through Influents and fluentcast -- all in a totally automated fashion

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Streams 016 - Excuse Proofing your Reseller Content Library

In this episode of Influents Streams, we explore the challenge of content "fragmentation" and how this can affect your partner network. In a recent survey, 78% of partners told us that the ease of access to library content including case studies, price sheets and other dealer materials directly contributed to the confidence in the OEM and the ability to sell.

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Streams 012 - The quickest partner network survey. Ever.

In this episode of Influents Streams we tackle the quickest way to broadcast and collect information from your partner network. We utilize the popular NPS (Net Promoter Score) Survey format coupled with TypeForm and the Influents platform

Introducing fluentcast

By combining native push notifications with action specific content, fluentcast™ turns passive messaging into a feature rich push guiding partners to valuable actions within the context of the conversation.

fluentcast™ natively supports typical downstream conversions such as webinar registration, video streaming, chat inquiry or simply launching web based content.

Casts, as we call them, can be accompanied by a tone or alert on the device and stay resident (visible) until the user clears, dismisses or acts on the cast. fluentcast™ by Influents is a generational advance in marketing communication offering 90%+ greater visibility compared to traditional email blasts.


fluentcast Webinar

Easy to love

Your Influents platform is fully customizable and tailored at launch to the specific needs of your communication

Always on brand: organization specific aesthetic tailored to your brand style guide including logos and imagery

Flexible: Supports over 350 integrations out of the box with a fully open API

Scalable: Be ready for deployments of 50 to 50,000 users with a globally distributed infrastructure

Organizational licensing with SaaS pricing structured with your business in mind

Fully available and international with distribution to both Apple and Android app stores within all 142 countries and enabled for enterprise and private App Store distribution

Discover More
  • True ROI analysis of content engagement

    Built directly into the Influents Dashboard, analytics helps determine adoption rates, login frequency, most responsive content, lead conversions, predictive metrics and actions down to the individual rep and location.

Your Partners Are Asking For This

Mobile usage for business is skyrocketing across the partner network. Now more than ever they are asking for their manufactures to follow suite.

Their Pain is Your Pain

Partners are busy—really busy. With 30 or more brands they represent, the average partner simply doesn’t have the time or wherewithal to learn about every manufacture product on their own. Partners need suppliers who are actively communicating and making communication simple and fast-- Even to the point where they will avoid partners who don’t. Vendors who do a less than stellar job of keeping up with their pace are literally leaving business on the table.

Go Where They’re Going

Across the board, partners rank response time as a critical determinant to their recommendations and suppliers who win in that game are consistently ranked higher than those that do not. A majority of partners use their mobile device to run their business and mobile savvy suppliers are capturing that business and building that brand loyalty.

Partners using mobile to run their business
Actively requesting a mobile platform
Looking for new ways to communicate with vendors
*Cited from a 2016 ChannelRank Survey across Integrators

Consolidated Library

Sales presentations, spec sheets, product briefs and other evergreen content and resources at your partner's fingertips to support pre and post-sales.

News Feed

Stay up to date with the latest and most current content from sales resources, product announcements, critical updates and blog posts pushed and available in real time.

Real-time Chat

Support, sales and general chat available with a single tap and in the context of the content you’re viewing. Partners get sales support right when and where your partners need it.

Sales Tools

From SKU lookups to quote requests, your partners will benefit from a full range of customizable tools to enable the conversation they’re having with downstream clients and end-users

Packages and Pricing

Out-of-the-box licensing starting as low as $9.99 per user, per month with custom licensing available for higher volume plans.


  • Branded iOS & Android App
  • 3 Integrations
  • Shared Cloud
  • Up to 200 Users


  • Branded iOS & Android App
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Shared Cloud
  • Up to 1000 Users
  • Dedicated Support


  • Branded iOS & Android App
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Private Cloud
  • Unlimited Users
  • Dedicated Support

*To explore your best plan or for a custom quote, please contact sales at (866) 668-6618


Increase in visibility


partners reached in under 3 minutes


Increase in engagement


Faster content creation

Tailored Enterprise Services

We won’t just stand behind you and the product, we’ll help you lead the way.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    From day-one, our managed plans have have a dedicated account manager to oversee everything from development and on-boarding to success metrics.

  • Fully Tailored Solutions

    Over 350 out-of-the-box integrations mean fast and seamless synthesis with your existing workflow and backed with a full professional services team to handle any bespoke cloud and on-prem integrations.

  • We Speak I18N

    Influents was developed from the ground up to fully support international characters to adapt and serve to any local language. All tailored plans have on-demand and real-time translation support options.

  • Beyond Secure

    When you need to go beyond PCI DSS 3.2 compliance, our tailoring group is ready to help you structure and meet domestic or international compliance scenarios and integrate unique requirements with on-prem and VPC integrations.

  • Ready to Scale

    Scalable, geographically distributed infrastructure to support your growth wherever and whenever it may happen.

  • Integrated Account Support

    Have a large workforce? Our tailored solutions can be build to include on-premesis and even dedicated support staff to support you during onboarding and go-live.

Power through openness with over 350 integrations to enterprise applications

What's Next

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